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First two weeks of Events Management

On the first day of the course we attended a meeting at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel where we will be doing work experience for half a day (at minimum) a week. This feels like it will be a good opportunity to get experience and training for a variety of aspects involved in the Events Industry, especially since others studying this course elsewhere do not get the opportunity to do this. I will be working directly with Kelly, the Events Coordinator at the hotel. For my first session doing work experience I had to complete online training exams for different areas. Although this wasn’t particularly exciting I have gained new knowledge and the people in the office I am working in are very friendly.

IMG_20150928_155914198 IMG_20150928_155823332IMG_20150928_161451201

The next Monday we got to take a tour of The Dana Prison in Shrewsbury. We were guided round the prison grounds by two ex prison guards, at first they made the experience feel as real life as possible by treating us like we were prisoners. They did this by directing us into two small over crowded rooms and making us imagine what it would be like.  After this they went into detail of the first few steps of what a prisoner would have to do, he also included demonstrations and props, however I felt like this went on a bit too longer considering the amount of people stood in a small area. They took us around the grounds explaining each area and describing the life of a prisoner. They also spoke about personal stories and experiences they had.

IMG_20150928_141857298 IMG_20150928_161738187_HDR

SWOT Analysis

For the first few weeks of the course there was a mix up with our timetable and we also are yet to get access to online resources from Derby University, however I am enjoying the course and the teachers are very helpful. The course so far is what I expected it to be. My biggest worries are that I do not do as well as I hope and the Powerpoint Presentation we have to do as I am not very good at public speaking.

Overall I am excited to learn more about the events industry and the opportunities and experiences I will get from it.


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