Foundation Degreee

Researching Roles

Venue Finding Agency- Work with companies arranging an event, find suitable venues which suit the companies criteria and ideas. They arrange agreements between client and venue supplier and communicate all the companies expectations to the venue. They sometimes offer support for the event depending on the size.


Trinity Events Solutions (

  • We collect a full event brief and check compliance requirements
  • Confirm the details back to you by email
  • Source venues appropriate to your brief and negotiate rates
  • Call you to discuss the venue options
  • Produce a full proposal
  • Discuss the options and your preferred options
  • Arrange and accompany you on site visits
  • Re-negotiate rates and terms of the contract

Destination Management Companies

It is a company with vast local knowledge and resources in an area. They take the clients ideas and objectives to suit your stay. The company will offer meet and greet, transfers, accommodation, excursions, restaurants and venues. They can also offer assistance with language barriers.

Convention Bureau

Provides information on services, facilities, sites, and venues of a destination. It is first point of contact for event planners and tour operators. A convention bureau is a non profit organisation who represents a destination and its aims are to boost the local economy through tourism.

Tourist Boards

Tourist boards are organisations which aim to encourage tourism to an area. It has vast knowledge of a destination and can give information on hotels, places to visit and getting around etc.

Regional Development Agencies

They are responsible for furthering a regions economic development. This can be by increasing employment opportunities, business efficiency, develop skills and contribute to sustainable development.


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