Foundation Degreee

Operations & logistics

Operations are the jobs or tasks needed in place to produce an event.

Logistics is the term for moving of people or equipment to the venue of the event and ensuring they are at the correct location at the correct time.

In Thursdays lesson we also learnt about Queuing Theory. This is identifying how to overcome long queues and long waiting times by minimising and avoiding it. You can avoid this by organising “batch” arrivals and departures. This is when a number of people are allocated time slots to arrive and register their attendance.

Also event organisers can consider regress for their event, this is attendees re entering an event. This can be managed by wristbands and stamps.

Stakeholders are anyone who has a vested interest in the event. For example, sponsors, venue owners, attendees and clients. Therefore when planning and organising an event you have to take into consideration what their stakeholders would want and expect from the event.


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