Foundation Degreee

Trade Associations

Why do businesses like the trade association model so much? What is their basic ideology? 

A trade association is an organisation whose members are part of a particular trade. “Trade organizations offer a wealth of information, such as market statistics, lists of members, and books and reference materials. Talking to others in your association can be one of the most valuable ways of gaining informal data about a region or customer base.” (Entrepreneur, 2015)

What can a Trade Association do that a business cannot do for itself? 

“The Forum provides its members with a range of services and activities designed to assist them in the strategic development and day to day running of their organisations but is not a policy setting body.” (, 2015) Therefore it gives businesses an outside point of view on how they can develop.

According to (, 2015) trade associations can accomplish what cannot be done single-handedly.

How can we realise the benefits of an association? 

  • Directory listings
  • Enhanced exposure to consumers
  • Various discounts on industry-relevant services and travel
  • Technical advice and support
  • Legal advice
  • Access to industry schemes
  • Free or discounted membership with related organisations
  • Industry training courses and certification
  • Free subscriptions to industry publications
  • Networking opportunities
  • Events, seminars and conferences

(, 2015)

What will our association do for us now and in the future? 

(, 2015) states that members are offered free of charge guidance on aspects such as security, health and safety and sustainability. It also offers members the chance to work with linked associations to the AEO.

Right now the association offers:

  • FaceTime resources to engage and excite your exhibitors
  • Industry networking opportunities with your peers
  • Insider intelligence via research projects
  • Training and development opportunities for your staff
  • Access to Technical Help Centre providing free advice on health, safety and operational issues

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