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Events Trade Association

What are Events Trade Associations?

Examples of events trade associations are “Association of Events Venues” who sister with “Event Supplier and Services Association” and “Association of Event Organisers”.

AEO (2015) states that is a trade body which represents companies who conceive, create, develop or manage trade and consumer events.

Association of Event Organisers 

AEO (2015) expresses it’s members have been responsible for 1,700 events a year. Events that the company do are conferences, award shows and dinners. By doing these events it allows sponsors to get involved and “will give the sponsors incredible opportunities including brand visibility, networking opportunities and company promotion through various digital communications.” (, 2015) 

Why are they important?

According to (Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, 2014) employers recognized that such contributions to the associations are a vital part of networking, professional development and personal growth for their business.

Advantages & disadvantages? 

The advantages are the Trade association will:

– Fully understand and directly represent your trade
– Provide relevant and best-in-class training

– Enhance the reputation of, and confer quality assurance to members
– Host networking events, trade shows and conferences

“Your trade body can also offer free or reduced cost services or enable you to get collective savings on services from third parties.” (NW-Business-Sense, 2015)

Disadvantages are that the organisation require a lot of staff to run it and it is expensive to run. Events trade associations can be made up largely of big businesses leaving smaller businesses in the shadow.


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