Events · Foundation Degreee

Reflecting & Evaluating

Event that was good value for money: Glasgow Commonwealth Games

What made it good value for money was that, due to the layout of the venue which was Hampton Park, wherever you sat you had a good view of the athletic track. I think that for the money the content of the event and events running up to it were very good. The event planners managed to spread competitions throughout the days well so everyone no matter what day they went would be able to see top class athletes. I also thought that the atmosphere of the entire games was amazing, this was due to the audiences but also volunteers and the local community embraces a mega event in their city and local area.

When making our way to the event volunteers directed audiences of the games to particular platforms at the train station to get on the correct trains and we got free transportation. They also organised the queues so that people did not take over the entire train station.

What the games could have done better was that Glasgow as a city could have created more parking spaces as traffic became very congested. However I realise there is only so much you can do and on a normal day a city is still busy. Although to overcome this public transportation from areas outside of Glasgow could have been better and more frequent to the venues.

I believe that added value is important as it can give a company an advantage over their competitors and it will also give them a better image. Adding value can also enhance the experience for the customers, therefore bringing in more custom from recommendations and repetitive business.

Zombie Lockdown at Shrewsbury Prison

The prices for the Zombie Lockdown varied each night, Thursday night it was £35, Friday £45 and £55 for Saturday night. For a normal tour of the prison it is £15 therefore I think that Thursday night is good value for money as it is a little more than double the price for a more enhanced and unique experience. However I am not sure why the prices were increased each night as it was the same experience each time. But due to it being such a unique event with no competition like it in the local area I think the prices charged were reasonable.


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