Foundation Degreee

Pitch Techniques

  1. To deliver a good pitch you must first prepare. This can be by doing your research on the client you are delivering the pitch to and (Crowdcube, 2015) states you should also prepare a few short sentences discussing the main points and be able to summarise why people should invest in your idea.
  2. You should feel positive and optimistic on the product you are pitching. “Most people feel negative towards selling or pitching an idea because they’re anxious about the outcome. Do whatever is necessary to put yourself in a great emotional state before you deliver your pitch.” (Efti, 2015). This will come across to the client that you are passion about the product. 
  3. Do not talk too much and waffle. Allow the client to voice opinions and ask questions, otherwise you will look uninterested in them and it can come across as a hard sell. (Leung, 2015) suggests you take the time to listen and respond with thoughtful follow-up questions, this is a critical step to understanding their business needs and ultimately closing the deal.
  4. Leading on from that you need to focus on the customer, do this from the offset as it will spark their interest. “All the customer wants to know is, what can I get out of this and what can you offer me? Go in with this mind set and address these points straight away.” (Stylist Magazine, 2015)
  5. Be confident with your wording throughout. (Gallo, 2015) states you should look your investor in the eye and be specific, concrete, and confident. Do not use phrases such as “I think” and “I hope”.

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