Foundation Degreee

Safety & Security

No matter what size the event is, safety and security must always be taken into consideration when planning an event. You must evaluate the venue and procedures it has in place when doing a site inspection. Things to take into consideration are the fire doors, are they accurately sign posted? Are the doors clear with no obstructions? Are they not locked and properly lit? All staff and customers must know procedures including what to do in the case of a fire.

You also need to have at least one person first aid trained at the event in case of an incident.  Meeting points must also be arranged. Allen (2012) suggests custom credit card size ID badges should be made for guests listing emergency contact numbers, location of hospitals and English speaking doctors. This helps the security of the event knowing who these people are but also provides guests with easy access information if an emergency was to arise.

Staff working the event must have methods of communication in place such as mobile phones and walkie talkies. With technology increasing they are now finding new ways to intensify security.



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