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Food & Beverage

Allen (2009) states that you should always include vegetarian options and consider special requirements and food allergies. You should find this information out from the guests before planning the menu. When it comes to the costing of meals it is tricky to get correct numbers as too little amount of meals is not enough, however too many is a waste of money. Allen (2009) suggests “overage”, this is when you guarantee the caterer a certain number of meals but they prepare extras in case.

When offering canapés “make sure that the pieces served are bite-sized and do not require the use of knife and fork” Allen (2009,p271). Also according to Allen (2009) if having a buffet food stations should be placed in different areas of the room and replenished so that food is not left on display too far in advance and dries out.

There are two ways of serving food, this can be doing a buffet or a sit down meal.  When doing a sit down meal Allen (2009) says that there is open or preassigned seating. Open is where guests choose where they sit and preassigned is where guests are allocated seating. If having VIP guests at the event you need to decide whether to make their table more elaborate when it comes to design than others or not.

Before signing a contract with the caterer you need to check what you need to provide and what they will provide. “Make sure you receive all quotes in writing”Allen (2009,p282), this can include the menu, quantity, staffing and pricing.

Reference List

  • Allen, J. (2015). Event Planning The Ultimate Guide To Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives & Other Special Events. 2nd ed. John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd, pp.247-298.

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