Thursday 3rd December

On Thursday morning I attended a CVS meeting at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel where charities came in and discussed with local companies issues they were facing. We were sat on tables with a group of people from different companies and voiced opinions and ideas on how to overcome these issues. As younger members of the group we introduced the lady from Home Start to social media and how this would work in attracting younger people as volunteers to the company. We also suggested the Freshers Fair at the college to come to as students may be interested speaking about volunteering opportunities.

I thought this event was interesting and a valuable experience as I have not been a part of the charity sector and I learnt a lot from listening to peoples ideas and thoughts.

Later that day in class we had to pitch an idea for an event to an event company. We had created a Powerpoint and we had to present our idea. I found this difficult as I am not a confident public speaker and I had never done anything like this before. However I am pleased with the outcome and how it all went. I think that next time I should speak slower and engage with the audience more. I am glad we got the opportunity to do this as I now know how I should improve and it is good preparation for an event manager role.


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