Foundation Degreee

Understanding Design

The design is the look and decoration of an object, building or many other things. “It can also be seen that not all uses of design are associated with artistic creativity” Berridge (2011,p84). As discussed in understanding experiences interaction is an important part of an event, this can be very beneficial for events looking to advertise products and services. According to Berridge (2011) interaction design focuses on the relationship between people and devices such as mobiles, computers and appliances.Berridge (2011) states that design is now showing a connection with the overall experience a customer has at an event.

Examples of when design has been used in a mega-scale event are the Olympics and World Cup opening and closing ceremonies, this gives the countries chance to highlight the culture and history. Many factors determine the design of an event this can be budget, size, location, event type and you also must consider who the event is for, states Berridge (2011, p102).

Reference List 

  • Berridge, G. (2011). Events design and experience. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.



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