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Model Box Project


On Thursday 11th February we began making our model boxes for our assignment. The model box will be based on the box room we used at the Whitehouse Hotel for the Christmas Grotto we designed.
Before we started on our model box we were each individually given templates which created different types of boxes, this helped us in deciding which type would be best. For this assignment I was paired with Sophie R and Christina and we decided to go with a three side box as it gives us easy access to inside when it comes to decorating. For the “wall” missing we chose the one we decorated least.

Having decided on the box shape we had to create a net out of paper which we would then use as a template. This was difficult as paper is flimsy, however it enabled us to rub out pencil lines we’d done wrong and correct any mistakes made.

Once we had done the net we drew round in pencil onto the card. After this we checked all the lines were straight and the correct length with a scale ruler and cut it out. Cutting it out was difficult as the card is thick and took a few strokes. Before the end of the lesson we had time to score a few of the lines we will be folding to create the box shape. This was difficult also as you have to get the balance between being able to fold it easily and not cutting completely through the material.



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