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Incentive Travel

Fenich et al (2015) suggests incentive travel is to reward individual or group performance using non-cash motivation in the form of free trips. Motivating staff is important to a company as it can lead to an improvement in performance. Fenich et al (2015) carried out a study and found results revealed the most successful incentive travel programs are those that are meaningful, motivational and memorable. Goals that participants wish to achieve from the programs are recognition, exposure to senior leadership, build relationships and to engage employees (Fenich et al, 2015, p151). Incentive travel programs can be taken within the country the company is located or internationally. Many aspects need to be taken into consideration when selecting the destination such as feasibility, ease of travel and cultural attractiveness.

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According to Rogers (2013) the conference industry is a young, dynamic industry which is growing at a rapid rate. They are at the forefront of modern communications this can be for internal communication, for example, sales meetings and training courses and communicating to key audiences doing press briefings and product launches (Rogers, 2013, p3).


“Exhibitions enable you to meet the people that matter to your business in one place, including existing customers, new prospects, suppliers, advisers, investors and key figures in your industry.” (, 2016)

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